Pilot project at Wolfson College - University of Cambridge

Pilot project at Wolfson College - University of Cambridge

Wolfson has been working with xWatts to optimise its climate control systems to reduce their energy costs and carbon emissions

Wolfson College is a postgraduate College at the University of Cambridge. Spread over a ten-acre site Wolfson has over 400 bedrooms, offices, and a conferencing centre.

The Challenge

Wolfson’s climate controls were configured with generalised setpoints leading to sub-optimal heating-related energy consumption. The College had no real-time granular visibility of heating-related energy consumption or carbon emissions.

Before xWatts the Colleges control systems controls did not consider daily fluctuations in environmental conditions or occupancy forecasts resulting in rooms being either too hot or too cold. xWatts optimiser maintained the ambient temperature closer to the ideal value of 21°C , improving occupant thermal comfort, whilst reducing overall energy consumption.

The Solution

xWatts software was deployed in 2 buildings at Wolfson College in Q1 of 2023, achieving a 22% reduction in heating-related energy consumption. Software connected to 2 mixed-use buildings remotely via a VPN connection within 1 hour. Climate control systems optimised based on environmental conditions, occupancy forecasts, and building thermal modelling. Within 7 days the software established an energy baseline and started automating climate control systems


22% reduction in heating-related energy consumption within one month of deployment

Forecasted annual savings of £28,500 and 100 Tonnes of CO2e if deployed site wide

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