Case Study - Balderton Capital

Case Study - Balderton Capital

xWatts has been working with Balderton Capital to optimise its climate control systems to reduce their energy costs and carbon emissions.

The Objective

To optimise the climate control systems at Balderton’s London offices at 28 -32 Britannia Street. The building comprises: offices, a reception area, gymnasium, storage, toilet and shower facilities, and has an internal floor area of 1,188.84m2 spread across 4 floors. Balderton’s primary objective was to reduce their energy costs and carbon emissions whilst maintaining comfortable conditions for building occupants. Climate controls in the office were managed via a Mitsubishi AG-150A centralised control panel. The system did not consider daily fluctuations in environmental conditions or occupancy forecasts, leading to suboptimal energy use. This presented an opportunity for xWatts software to optimise Balderton’s climate control systems to improve energy efficiency and occupant comfort.


To connect to the Balderton Mitsubishi control system, xWatts installed an Ethernet gateway and IoT device. This enabled xWatts to translate the Mitsubishi proprietary protocol to BACnet IP, and transmit this to the cloud to be accessible via a REST API, enabling remote monitoring and control of the system.

  • 1 day installation time to connect to the Mitsubishi AG-150A control panel
  • 2 weeks data training time to refine prediction model
  • Currently optimising and automating 32 Mitsubishi HVAC units

Key Metrics

xWatts demonstrated energy reductions of 20% during the 6-month evaluation period. This equates to:

  • £5,600 energy cost reduction
  • 4.1 Tonnes CO2e
  • 21.2 MWh energy consumption reduction
  • £15,000 forecast annual energy cost reduction

"The xWatts team has been fantastic to work with. They are responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable. They consistently go above and beyond to help solve problems, even when they are not platform-related. I have found their reports informative and their cost-saving measures valuable for our organisation. We anticipate being able to save even more when the weather becomes milder. I would recommend xWatts to anyone looking to incorporate intelligent management software to reduce energy costs and emissions in their building." - Operations and Facilities Manager

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