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Product overview

xWatts is an intelligent energy management software that automates energy management to maximise savings. We optimise isolated processes such as heating, cooling, operations and energy generation or battery storage assets with minimal intervention from the clients (businesses).

Our software connects directly to the APIs of existing control systems. Doing this enables us to take direct control of all on-site assets without the need for additional hardware. This also enables us to replace all manual actions, such as turning appliances on or off or changing setpoints, with automated and predictive control.

xWatts then automates device scheduling with respect to hourly energy market data, environmental conditions, and client operational requirements. It also continuously analyses consumption patterns to find more and more efficient ways to manage energy, by redefining operational constraints to continually improve performance whilst maintaining functional, comfortable environments for building occupants.

How it works

Once a client connects to our software, xWatts manages energy efficiency by leveraging the following methods:

  • Load conservation
  • Load shifting
  • Peak trimming
  • Optimising energy generation and storage profiles

Modifying energy load profiles enables businesses to realise significant energy costs and carbon emissions reductions without significant infrastructure investment.

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